We partner with you on your wellness journey to provide you with effective coaching, hand crafted - clean beauty products and wellness services that you can feel good about. 

Everything you need at your fingertips

 Effective coaching

Restorative Classes



Supportive community

Nutritional guidance

 Clean beauty  & Wellness products



Self care- made simple


Stretch into you own kind of beautiful, as we  provide  effective coaching , and services to help you live your best life. Whether it's to increase energy, eat better , or clean up you beauty routine. We make it easier to implement self-care into life. 




Wellness Coaching and  Clean Beauty - One Place

The Beauty of Wellness

Embrace What Comes Naturally

From whole foods  that nourish your body to invigorating workouts that revive your soul. to plant - based beauty products. We believe that wellness is beauty.


Gone are the days when we compartmentalize our self-care. We are committed to helping you Live Beautiful- Holistically  through wellness coaching and artisan crafted, plant-based beauty that is made is small batches. We do this because we know that what you put IN your body, is just as important as what you put ON your body.

Contact us today for a customized wellness plan to help you Live Beautiful - Holistically.

Take your self care to the next level as you rejuvenate your mind; your body and your spirit. Here, you  can enjoy-  fun and effective workouts; delicious, whole food recipes and plant-based beauty products.

I believe that beauty takes place from the inside-out. This is why I created this virtual space to help you live beautiful -holistically through

 wellness products and services

I have spent the last 18 years helping phenomenal women get stronger, feel more confident and learn to love their bodies again. I you are ready to live your best life- book a session with me,  or choose a plan below -to get the help and support you need to succeed.

Coach LaTonya Baruc

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