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10 Simple Ways to Stay Balanced

Many of us are so busy that we have very little time to "smell the roses." This may seem menial, but it can become hard to crush those personal goals when you are burnt out. Ambition and drive is great, but without balance, we lack the ability to maintain the momentum that produces desired results. Here are 8 just a few ways to remain balanced and live your best life.

1. Gratitude

Gratitude shifts our attitude because it changes what we focus on. Focusing on negativity is draining and energy depleting. As a result we have very little energy to focus on the things that ARE actually going well in our lives.

2. Meditate

Live Beautiful with a fit and well life

This can be tricky - especially if you are short on time. Meditating can take a variety of postures. for example, active meditating is reflecting while in motion... in other words - walking. Clearing your mind and focusing the positive turns in your life. Bringing back to memory what is true and doing away with those negative thoughts you may be harboring.

3. Breathing Exercises

Ever noticed that your breathing pattern changes when you get angry or annoyed?

Oftentimes when or breathing pattern has become erratic or shallow- we are not giving our bodies the proper oxygen it requires and our bodies become tense. This can cause headaches, tight muscles, pain or inflammation within the body. It can even elevate blood pressure.

4. Journal

Problem solving with a journal

If you are a visual person, you may need to see the problem on paper in order to figure out a solution. For example, taking a blank piece of paper then, draw a line down the middle. On one side write down issues you can't get out of you head. On the other side, write out how you can resolve, or dissolve the matter. Note, that some issues take more time to resolve. you can go back to those after you have dealt with the others that don't require as much energy to resolve.

5. Exercise

If you are starting an exercise routine for the first time. You may need to speak to a fitness/ wellness professional to get a structured plan that works for you and your personality. If you you are more of a fitness buff, you probably already know what types of exercises you like. Dance, yoga, fitness classes, walking, Tai Chi, or working out from your phone are not going to be effective -if it doesn't fit your personality. Exercise can help to restore GABA in the brain through breathing, which helps to calm the body. Exercise also releases hormones like endorphins when help us feel AMAZING along after the workout is complete.

6. Sleep

Sleep is vital for recovery for the body and the brain. In fact, when I was a soldier, we had a recommended amount of sleep that was required in order to be in "fighting shape" the next day. If protectors of the civilian world are required to sleep - then you can imagine how important sleep really is.

7. Eat Well

The saying " you are what you eat" is still holds true today- although we are busier than our parents were( especially women). Eating well means having more whole foods and reducing the amount of processed food in our daily diets. Whether, you are Keto( like me) vegetarian, Paleo,etc., whole food is like taking a daily dose of prescribed medicine. In the wellness world, we say "the issues are in the tissues." If we ignore the subtle warning signs- our bodies can eventually manifest a dis-ease within our bodies. Food energizes the body,builds muscle, repairs tissue within our bodies. So then, having an abundant supply of processed foods like refined sugar, preservatives, and fillers can do the opposite to our bodies over time.

8. Faith- fight

Studies show that those who exercise their faith tend to experience improve quality of life. Exercising your faith is the bridge between trouble and triumph. Without faith- you can't get to the other side.

Now Faith is the assurance of things hoped for,the conviction of things not seen.
Hebrews 11:1 (ESV)

9. Hydrate

Our bodies are 45-60% percent water ( men usually are on the higher end). Without having adequate water we can become dehydrated which can cause further health problems like heart palpitations,dizziness, tiredness etc. Oftentimes, not having enough water, can make us eat more and move less which is contrary to living a fit and well life. As it relates to drinking water- drink half your body weight in ounces. If you are active or a big sweater or drink coffee - you may need a bit more. Try to have filtered to eliminated harmful contaminants like lead. Which can have harmful effects on the body.

10. Community

A supportive community encourages success

Lastly,in order to live a balanced life- becoming a part of a circle or tribe can improve your personal goals. Having someone to keep you accountable and show support can help to keep you on track. Even if you don't have time to get social after work- you can join online communities that you can " plug into" for inspiration and motivation.



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