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3 Ways to Use Rose Water in Your Beauty Routine

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Rose water has astringent properties, which can help to remove excess oil from the scalp and leave you feeling refreshed. In order to enjoy this benefit ⁠—you want to take a cotton pad and spritz it with rose water. After saturating the cotton round with rose water, take the pad and gently rub your scalp to cleanse the area. Repeat as needed. Rose water has also been known to treat dandruff, so you can also use the "cotton round technique" for flaky, itchy scalp.

Upgrade Your Skin Care

The anti-inflammatory properties of rose water has been used to calm skin conditions like eczema; soothe dry skin; or add moisture to mature skin. In order to implement this into your routine ⁠, try spritzing rose water onto fleshly clean skin so that your skin can better absorb these amazing properties found in rose water. Rose water can also be used to set your makeup. The versatility makes it easy to see the many ways you can enjoy rose water.

Lock in Moisture

Add rose water to your wash day routine by using it as a treatment. For example, use rose water on your scalp to remove excess oil and dirtbefore you shampoo. You spritz your freshly shampooed hair with rose water, then add conditioner. Allow the products to sit on the hair for a few minutes, before you rinse out. After rinsing, finish with a cool rinse to close the cuticle and seal in the moisture. I use this for my dreadlocks and I LOVE THE RESULTS!!!!

Just Chill

The smell of roses can also be quite calming for the body. This is great at the end of a long day or on the weekend, when you need to unwind and reset. This is also the perfect finish- on your recovery workout days. It helps to bring the nervous system down, so your body can rejuvenate.

You can enjoy this little beauty hack by spritzing some rose water into the shower or bath tub. As the steam is circulating and the warm water is enveloping your body, practice taking in deep relaxing breaths. You can also add a few drops rose essential oil to your favorite body oil. It's perfect for anxiety or for creating a relaxing night time routine.

Check out my Refreshing Rose Water spray in my shop to enjoy the benefits of rose water.


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