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Fitness Inspiration for the Holidays

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

When we hear about fitness challenges we think about push-ups, squats, and cardio. What about recovery? What about mobility? This is what sets me apart from so many other challenges out there. My approach is always holistic- because you are a human and not a robot. You have bad days just like you have great days- this can influence the way you exercise too. Ever notice how you can crush your workouts for a few days then later in the week you feel like you moving at sail speed? This is usually because the recover; the food, or both wasn't adequate enough to get your body ready for the next killer workout.

As you think about that... watch my video and see it you can do this mobility move.

so how many were you able to do? If you found it hard to get your legs up or get your upper body up without using your hands or violently swinging your body up- you may need some mobility in your life. As a wellness coach, my goal is ALWAYS to get you moving and grooving so you are excited about living your best life.

I wanted to created a little challenge for you to help you get motivated about moving and grooving again this holiday season. This challenge comes with everything you need for the week to tone your whole body. I have also included stretching and recovery workouts so that you are energized and looking forward to your next workout.

This challenge is fun and engaging- you can do this plan at home or in your local gym- you decide where you want to "get your sweat on" sign up now for instant access.

This challenge is ONLY $1.00 DOLLAR . yep, you read it right ! this challenge is all yours for LESS than the price of coffee from your local coffee shop. Here is what you get:

  • 7 done- for- you- workouts (novice -active)

  • Fat- burning meal plan sample

  • Supportive coaching community where you can get accountability and connect with me.

Get moving WITHOUT FEELING TIGHT AND STIFF. Take my challenge and get moving again.

I can't wait to meet you there. Please introduce yourself once you stop by my coaching page. You can also connect with me on INSTAGRAM- share your pics and food there #fitandwelltribe @barucwellness. See your there. Enjoy the challenge. Also, I you enjoy this challenge, sign up for my newsletters to get notified of the next challenge.



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