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Fitness for Women over 35

Note to Self

First of all, I think it is important to mention self- love, before we go any further. This doesn't mean that you can't see improvements that you want to make. Self- love, simply means that you appreciate who you are today and are committed to finding healthy ways to become the best version of yourself. Punishing our body through grueling workouts for 7 days a week or starving yourself is not the approach you want to take if you want to truly be well.

As we get older, we naturally lose muscle , so it is important that we include weight bearing exercises to minimize muscle loss. Having muscle is important for weight loss and have that toned look, because muscle is tighter than body fat. This is why weight can only tell you so much. Have more muscle also influences the metabolism, or the rate at which our body ab burns food for fuel. The more muscle we have as women, the more we need to eat, because we are burning more calories( even when we are sleeping). I recommend participating in weight training/weight bearing exercises 3-4 times/ week can help to promote lean feminine muscle to keep you feeling confident and strong for years to come.

Cardio has its place, however, too much cardio can be counter-productive, especially as we age, because your body may "snack" on your muscle for energy. Cardio should not exceed 45 minutes per session to eliminate burning that hard earned muscle for fuel. It may feel rewarding for a moment, because the numbers are dropping on the scale, but your body may feel softer over time. This is usually how we see those big weight loss numbers on the scale but we feel softer that we did before. High intensity interval training can be effective at this stage, because they can boost metabolism and human growth hormone, which can be beneficial for burning stubborn body fat.

Book a session with me today to get customized workouts that are tailored to you goals and current fitness ability.

Build Something Beautiful

Enjoying a balanced diet that consists of nourishing foods, to keep you energized and feeling healthy is critical not just for those workouts, but also for your well-being. Oftentimes, we skimp on our meals to avoid eating too many calories. In doing so, we can become undernourished, weak, or bloated- which can lead to a negative body image. As an effect, our body can even hold on to fluid and make it appear as if we are actually gaining weight for undereating. This is because undereating, puts our bodies in a stressed state. Food is medicine, and in order to get the benefits- we need to enjoy a balanced eating.

Try making more of your meals at home to avoid those high sodium, high calorie meals that leave your feeling hungry and craving more unhealthy foods. Sign up for a wellness session today to a customized plan to help you achieve your fitness goals.

If you have been "weight focused" I would like to invite you to consider body composition instead. Weight is just the sum total of ( bones, muscle, body fat, blood, etc.) being focused on the number can motivate us to take unhealthy measures to get that particular number. I know you may want to see results right away, but it better to go slow and steady, than to go fast and fail.

See Yourself Winning

Sit down and think about what your want your life to look like, then take a moment to put habits in place to achieve your goal. For example, "I want to start working out" is a statement and not a plan. Instead, "I am going to workout 5 times a week , so that I can enjoy more energy and move better. Then start to carve out time each day to get your sweat on. If you would like to get 1- on-1 attention in each workout, and get professionally created plans, made specifically for you.

You can be the woman you always wanted to be if you do what it takes to become her.



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