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How to Grow Beautiful, Healthy Hair

Happy Scalp= Healthy hair

The hair grows out from the scalp, so if your scalp in clogged with artificial oils and product, its going to be really hard to support hair growth. Hair texture will dictate how often you should shampoo your hair. For instance, the straighter your hair is naturally, the more shampoos you may need on a weekly basis; if your texture is kinky, you may need to shampoo 1-2/ month. Now this doesn't mean that is your hair texture is curly that you are walking around with a dirty scalp. This just means that you are not putting sulfates, on your hair as often. This means less stripping your hair of natural oils. You can massage natural oils like coconut oil or Jojoba on the scalp and this will gently cleanse the scalp and help your add natural oil to your hair, which is very necessary if you are a coily queen.

Got Oil

Okay, so going back to my cosmetology days... here's a little 101 for you. The reason why curlier textures tend to be on the drier side is because it takes the natural oil that we produce on our scalp (sebum) to travel down the hair shaft. This is why if your hair is straight, you feel as if your hair gets too greasy and gross. Now this doesn't mean that if you hair is straighter you should shampoo every day. You may still need to skip a day of two in between to prevent drying out your hair. If you are active and crushing those workouts on the daily- find a clean dry shampoo to supplement with during the week. If you hair is wavy, you may need to shampoo 2-3 times/week ( generally speaking). For the curly girls, in between those shampoos, you want to be conditioning and deep conditioning. so for example I you shampoo 1/month, you want to take 2 of those weeks to condition ( I like to condition, rinse, condition, then rinse with cool water). That means 1/month your want to deep condition your hair. Again, this is generally speaking, do what works best for you.

Feeling Stressed

We all have experience stress at some point in our lives. However it is the overwhelming stress that never gives, that can cost us healthy hair growth. Stress can come from work, relationships and even your diet. if you are under eating and over training, your body could be under a tremendous amount of stress. Not only can this prevent hair growth, it can also cause hair to become brittle and fall out. Here's why... imagine driving from Seattle to Georgia on 1 full tank of gas. Okay, we know that's impossible. In the same way the body needs calories to function( breathe, digest, etc). When we don't get enough calories , our body uses the little energy we have to function. Growing hair is just too costly to continue. How divinely created are we. It is important to learn how to cope with stress so that you can embrace the beauty that life has to offer you. Once you have gotten your stress under control, it can take a while for your hair to fill in again, but it usually does with a a healthy hair care routine.

"Cut" to the Chase

Regular cuts and trims can truly help you obtain those hair growth goals. In general, hair grows about 1/2 inch per month. However, if you are applying too much heat or not implementing a healthy hair routine, you may be experiencing more breakage than growth. Be brave babe, and let go of those split ends. You want to enjoy your beautiful hair, even if your length is not where you want it to be yet.

OVER- protective

Please don't get me wrong. I love braids. however, when we leave braids, ponytails, weaves, or any protective style in for too long- we risk breakage. Oftentimes, we love the "hair vacation", but we still need to take( action) care of our hair. If you are leaving weaves, wigs and braids in for more than a month, you may run the risk of experiencing breakage or even thinning hairlines. The exception her is micro braids.

Micro braids are much smaller than regular box braids, so it can be left alone for up to 2 months, then you will need to find a long weekend and some good movies to watch as you take those braids out. As you Take these braids out, know that the hair is fragile, so be gentle and get ready to use a little TLC with your hair before braiding it up again.

Loc Love

Dreadlocks need love too. applying natural oil and natural oil butters can help you achieve long healthy locks. Please note, that heavy waxes and cream based butters can cause product build- up which can slow down your growth or take away for the beauty of your individual locs. Your locs tell a story of your journey- embrace the journey and enjoy the ride.

Till next time...Stay awesome


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