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How to Protective Style Like a Boss

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Protective styling is a method of styling the hair in a way that doesn't require daily combing or manipulation. Dressing the hair in braids, twist, cornrows, french braids, etc...are all ways to enjoy protective styling ; it like a vacation for your hair. In general the curlier the texture, the longer you can preserve a style. Today we are going to show you how you can protective style like a boss.

Keep it Clean

Wearing your hair in braids is one way to give your hair a rest from daily styling. You can use a shampoo and a damp wash cloth to gently cleanse your scalp without disturbing your braids. You can also use a dry shampoo that will remove buildup from your scalp without using any water.

Scalp Care for Healthy Hair

Feed your scalp with naturally light oil to keep your scalp lubricated and prevent dry itchy scalp that protective styles can sometimes cause. You don't need a lot, just a few drops on your scalp and rub it in with your fingertips to help lubricate your scalp. Our soothing scalp oil is perfect for your protective styling and beyond.

Bringing Moisture Back

You want to make sure that your lovely tresses are moisturized, to prevent dry, brittle hair , which more susceptible to breakage. Instead of moisturizing with heavy creams, you can put moisture back into your hair with water- based conditioners like rose water or aloe water; they are light but are easily absorbed into the hair without causing product buildup.

Watch the Tension

When taking a hair vacation, you want to avoid using too much tension, especially around the hair line. Too much tension can cause breakage and even cause hair loss if done too tight. Have your braids done when your hair is dry not wet. Having the hair braided when damp, can make the braids tighter as your hair dries. If you are having your braids done by a stylist, be sure to communicate to the stylist if too much tension is being used or not. braiding.

Bed Time Routine

It's okay to sleep like a baby at night, but sleeping on a cotton pillowcase can suck the moisture out of your hair,making it more prone to breakage. Instead of calling it a night on those pretty little cotton pillow cases, opt for a satin bonnet to seal in moisture as you sleep. The satin bonnet helps the hair to glide as you sleep and maintain moisture. When choosing a bonnet, look for one that has doesn't cause friction along the hairline, and one that is adjustable as your hair grows.

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