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The Best Way to Get Rid of Cellulite & Tone Legs

Updated: Sep 10, 2021


Toning and tightening up your legs can be done from home. With a few simple life hacks, you can transform your legs and feel more confident. In order to change the shape of the legs, they must be challenged. One way to challenge your legs, is with strengthening exercises. A workout that incorporates more muscles at one time, can help to tone and firm up your legs without giving you a bulky look. A routine like this should be done at least two times a week and incorporated with some form of cardio to get more of a sculpted look. To get started on toning up your lower body, check out my latest "Thigh-Blaster" class.


Coffee scrubs are also a great way to improve the appearance your legs, by removing dead skin cells, that gives the skin a dull and dry appearance. Coffee body scrubs are believed to do this by stimulating blood flow and smoothing out the fat underneath the skin. Try a natural coffee scrub to help reap these benefits. Stop by our shop today to purchase our artisan - crafted organic coffee scrubs.


The food we eat can either help or hinder our fitness goals. The type of food we eat, can determine how our body responds to our physical efforts. Calories in and calories out is just the tip of the iceberg, we also need to understand what lies beneath. Weight loss is a holistic approach. In order to achieve your fitness goal, we should also look at stress level, hormones, sleep, and even age. Every body is different ; your body may be able to tolerate more carbs, while your friend's body may do better with higher fat. Therefore, it is important to learn what works for you. Once you understand this principle, you can really start to see the changes you have been working so hard for. To get a better grasp on what types of foods may work better for you, book a strategy session with me today. Food is NOT the enemy, not knowing what works best for you is.

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Finally, there are so many varieties of supplemental protein out there to choose from. From vegan options to keto-friendly, you can find a protein that fits many of your dietary needs. However, collagen is a supplement that I recommend too, because it is the building block for the hair the skin, but as we get older, its production is decreased. So it's a good idea to supplement with collagen peptides as well for healthy skin, hair, nails, and connective tissue. Remember, these are supplements, so make sure you are having them with a sensible diet and consult you physician before introducing any new fitness or diet routine.

Lastly, it is important to remember that just like life, fitness is also a journey. It has its hills and valleys; it has it twists and turns. Give yourself grace and embrace the journey, because it truly is the journey that is a gift that is ever unfolding.

What are your fitness goals? What habits have you put in place to achieve your goal? Share your comments in my wellness community on Facebook.


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