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We now have a loyalty program

I am so excited to share this great news with you. It feels like it was yesterday when I started serving you with wellness content. Today we are a full - blown wellness studio with clients that we serve virtually and artisan - crafted, clean beauty products. My desire has always been to help phenomenal women, live beautiful. You've been with me before the shift and I am so grateful for you. To express my appreciation, I am gifting all of our training

( virtual and in- person clients) with a loyalty program membership.

Now as you train, you will receive points for showing up for your sessions. Points for encouraging others to work with us, and points to do what you've already been doing.

Here's a breakdown of the program:

1pt. - Showing up for a session

6 pts - Sharing us with your friends, on Social Media

5 pts - Leave a Positive Review

20 Pts. - $5 gift card from our store

30 Pts. - Free Water Bottle

50 pts - Free Yoga / stretching strap

75 pts - FREE Yoga Mat Spray

100 pts. - Free Session of choice

200 - 30% Personal Training or Wellness coaching session

So there you have it. It you have any questions about the loyalty program, email questions to

Naturally yours,




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