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Coach LaTonya

"Fitness is not a destination- it's a life-long journey."

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LaTonya Baruc

Wellness Coach & Entrepreneur

My mission

Is to empower phenomenal women to live beautiful holistically, with comprehensive online fitness training and mindful beauty.



My Process

Born and raised in beautiful South Carolina. I grew up eating fresh fruit and veggies - grown in the gardens of various family members. I had an appreciation for fresh food ( before Organic was even a thing)and lived an active lifestyle.



My Grandmom introduced me to organic foods, and farm- raised meat and homemade cosmetics for the body. She taught me how to heal the body with teas, herbs, and food. She also crafted homemade cosmetics like soaps for the body. After witnessing several loved ones pass away from unhealthy choices- I committed to a healthy lifestyle at the tender age of 11 years old.   

My Test

   In 2016 I found myself "knee deep" in  Over-Training Syndrome, which is caused by adrenal fatigue. I was so ill that I could not physically teach classes, small groups and training my clients suffered because I could barely stand. I had to make the tough decision too say good - bye to my clients at a studio I loved: I had to step down from ministry, and found myself laying on the couch most days, just tying to breathe. 


Since then, I have learned so much  and I wanted to  help others  and thus the Fit &Well movement was born. So many woman care for others to the point of exhaustion. Denying yourself won't help you, help others.

My Purpose   

I am a nationally certified personal trainer and  wellness coach and for the past 20 years, I have helped countless women transform their bodies, build confidence, and Live Beautiful  holistically- now it's your turn. Are you ready?

I understand how hectic our lives can get, I am here to help you carve out some self-care for yourself. Connect with me today and book a session. Let's get started on your fitness journey together. I look forward to partnering with you on you fitness journey. This it what it means to live beautiful - holistically.


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