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How to Beat the Daylight Savings Blues

Updated: Jun 12, 2018

Well it is hours away for daylight savings time of 2018. At about 2 am, March 11 we will officially lose an hour of our usual sleep. Now for some of us- it's really not a big deal. However, like many of us- especially women - poor sleep can have a huge influence on our bodies. lack of sleep can lead to anxiety and depression. Here are a few ways you can combat the loss of that hour and adjust quicker.

Get to Bed Earlier

Adjust your bedtime routine by getting into bed an hour and a half earlier. Although, that may seem like too soon, but if you scroll social media before bed like I do- you will need the extra time to settle in and get cozy.

Shut Off the T.V.

Watching hours of t.v. into the wee hours can feel like fun- especially if you are catching up on your favorite episodes. However during daylight savings time- it throw off your circadian rhythm well into next week. Give yourself a break from the televisions and computer screens tonight and give our body time to adjust to the shift in the time change.

Cut the Crap

Crazy cravings are a surefire way to know if you are not getting quality sleep. Highly processed- sugary foods, is like your body telling you it is tired and needs more energy. Instead of going for the junk food. give your body more nourishing foods like fresh fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds and lean protein. Choosing more healthy food options will give your body more energy and help you get through the week feeling less cranky.

Fatten Up Your Plate

Instead of schlepping your way through the kitchen and grabbing that cereal for breakfast- have fat instead. Having some eggs with avocado and bacon( no nitrates or preservatives) will help you feel more satisfied and give you body the energy it needs to get your day started properly.

Change the Way You Do Coffee

Coffee lovers unite!!!!!!! Trust me I love the smell and taste of coffee in the morning. However, with the loss of an hour- you may want to go for an extra cup O' Joe. although having an extra cup of coffee is generally not that bad. If you find yourself going for that third cup before noon- you may want to slow down there pardner. Try having more water throughout the day. Even adding a little lemon to your water can be refreshing and energizing as well.

Take a Bath

Take a bath before bed is so relaxing. The warmth of the water soothing those tired muscles and melting away the stresses of the day- is just enough to help you get to bed a bit earlier. You can also add a little Epson salt and lavender oil and chamomile tea to really get those "ZZZZ" going. If you are married- share a soothing massage before bed and enjoy a relaxing evening together even more.


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