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Beautiful Skin Smoothie Recipe

Getting gorgeous skin has just as much to do with your nutrition as it does your skin care routine. For example, if you are eating a diet of mostly junk food and the occasional wholesome meal or two- your complexion will pay for it. Contrary to popular belief, getting a clear and more even toned complexion may not be as hard as you think.

First , let's cover skincare 101... A skincare routine is something we will have need to implement at some point in our lives if we want clear skin and it can be as simple or as complex as you prefer. Cleansing your skin daily should be a daily practice. However, your skin type will determine what type of cleanser will work best for you. I am a minimalist, so I use the oil cleansing method for my "normal" skin type. some days I sill even play around with my black soap to help keep my skin clear especially if my skin looks a little dull.

A couple days a week , i also use a facial scrub made from rice that I grind myself. I love this scrub because it is fine and gently polishes the skin without being too harsh on my skin. Then I use aloe as a facial mask to hydrate my skin again. Lastly, I spritz with a lavender and chamomile herbal toner that I also make at home. I LOVE this smell of this toner. It makes me feel like I am pampering myself before my day get started. So using a cleanse, exfoliate, mask and tone and moisturize routine can help give your skin a clearer appearance.

Now that we got that covered. Let's look at nutrition a bit. foods that are whole and loaded with vitamins like vitamin A,D,E,K, and C are what I like to call the "beauty vitamins". We can get vitamins C from broccoli, carrots, lemons, and tomatoes. Foods like nuts and seeds are so plentiful in vitamin E. to get the "A: and "K", go for the green leafy veggies like Swiss card, kale, spinach and collard greens. Implementing these foods into your weekly meals can help give your skin a more radiant appearance.


Pour milk of choice into blender with 4 ice cubes, then add in the other ingredients. Blend until smooth- then enjoy.

Also try my smoothie bowl recipe.

What's you skin care routine? Share your routine with us in my coaching group on Facebook group. There's no fee to join this supportive community. It's there to connect with others on their wellness journey and for inspiration. Although I will announce paid programs or services- the group exists to inspire and educate you on your journey. so jump in and join the club. Please say hi ,when you get there. I look froward to seeing your there. Until then -Live Beautiful.



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