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Crispy Keto-Chicken Tenders

So I've been keto since this summer and I have to say that the journey has been amazing so far ( after I got into ketosis that is lol). If you follow me on Instagram , you probably know that I make my life matter by helping women live their best life thorough training and wellness coaching. I am pretty active ans so food is a huge deal to me. However, I don't want to ear anything and call it food. So I can be found creating healthy and delicious recipes for my family and now that I am Keto...I'm focusing creating more DELICIOUS RECIPES to share with my audience online.


Pork rinds ( crushed into Panko-like crumbs) you don't need to add salt. I added paprika and Italian seasoning for color. 2 cups

1 large egg

6-8 chicken tenders

This is what I did

It's just that simple. If you want to make more to store- you will probable need to crisp them up in the toaster oven the next day. My family is not keto, so I only make enough for me and maybe my husband to sample a few. they are really easy to make and so delicious

Are you living the #ketolifestyle ? How has your journey been so far. If you are curious about keto what questions would you like for me to answer for you?


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