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Get Flatter Abs in 30 days

I don't know about you but it seems like every women's magazine that is related to health, is showing the woman's mid-section. Whether she has a 6 pack or just flat and toned- it's common to equate health to flat abs. In short, this is true, waist circumference as been linked to diseases like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, as well as heart disease. Although disease has been associated with diseases , it doesn't mean that we should all be walking around with chiseled abs. The truth of the matter is, flat abs doesn't always mean healthy.There are some things we can do to "whittle our middle" that may help us to feel healthier and enjoy more energy and this is my hope for you. So today I am going to share with you a few things that can help you get flatter abs, even if you don't get completely flat abs.

Getting leaner abs is more about lifestyle, than it is doing a million crunches. For example, if you have been under a lot of stress for a long period time; your cortisol levels may become . elevated. When cortisol levels are elevated, so are insulin levels. This is our bodies natural response to work through the " lion chasing us". Unfortunately, the busyness of our days is the lion. The cell phones, emails, text messages, and social media are posing as lions of today. We have to take time to "unplug" in order to restore our minds and bodies. Learning to cope with stress will help us to prevent feeling bloated feeling .

Get Your Sweat On

An exercise regime that incorporates weight training and cardio are recommended for optimum health. Cardiovascular exercise like running, brisk walking, dancing or even jumping rope- can help to strengthen our hearts, cope with stress, and stabilize blood sugar.

Crush the Cravings

Elimination of refined sugar is another great way to flatten abs. Our bodies, are equipped to only hand a few tablespoons of sugar ( about 25-37.5 according to American Heart Association). When we consume more than that, sugar can be stored on our bellies as fat.

Get some Quality Sleep

When was the last time you " slept like a baby" exists. It means to sleep SO well that nothing will disrupt your rest or renewal that is happening during this type of sleep. Creating a bedtime routine- like a baby can help your body consistently feel rested and refreshed. A great way to do this is to turn off the devices and the T.V. an hour before you go to sleep. Get in the bed and read something that calms the mind, write an entry of what you are grateful for in your journal. Create a ritual that helps your mind relax so your body can too.

Share your weight loss story with us, we'd love to hear from you. To get more inspiration for your fitness journey- grab our FREE Recipe pack. Packed with delicious easy-to-make- recipes to help you enjoy delicious food and achieve your fitness goal.

If you would like to work with me and create a doable wellness plan to help you live your best life with effective wellness coaching and support. Book a discovery call with me today to get started.

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Aug 27, 2021

Hi thannks for sharing this

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