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Make your Mornings Beautiful

Updated: Jun 23, 2018

Buttered coffee, similar to bulletproof coffee is my new favorite way to have coffee. I've recently started to experimenting Intermittent fasting / low- carbohydrate lifestyle. A year ago, my body had finally had it and I hit an all-time low with my physical performance. My adrenals were taxed and cortisol levels were through the roof. In a nutshell- I had not been taking care of myself like I needed to. I am a nationally certified personal trainer of this lead me to searching for nutritional way to heal my body and get back to crushing my workouts again. I started playing around with my macros (fat, carbohydrates and protein) and loking for the best way to nourish my body holistically. Once I learned how to really care for my body, mind, and spirit- I began coaching holistically as well and the RESULTS ARE MIND-BLOWING. So today , I want to share this recipe with you. If you are considering a low- carb /keto/ Intermittent fasting you may enjoy this in your morning routine too. Share your morning coffee with us on Instagram @barucwellness. #fitandwell

Enjoy your morning coffee or tea in this beautifully designed ceramic mug.

Enjoy that coffee.



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