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Quick At-Home Workouts ( under 30 minutes)

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

I don't know about you, but who has time to spend hours in the gym anymore. I mean - if you are off- maybe...but do you really need too. NOPE! H.I.I.T. or high intensity interval training is a method of training that requires short- burst of high intensity exercises followed by short bouts of no-so- intense( active recovery). This method of training is perfect when you are short on time, but also helpful when trying to burn that stubborn body fat. American college of Sports Medicine sited that one of the benefits is helping to improve your blood pressure and cholesterol profiles. I've personally used this method in my own workouts and have found it to be EXTREMELY beneficial for my clients as well.

treadmill workout- steady state cardio

Oftentimes, I see women walking on the treadmill for 45 minutes-an hour in hope of shedding a few unwanted pounds. I love the treadmill, but it is not the answer in most cases. Steady state cardio is not challenging enough on the body to encourage the improvement in health or fitness. as a matter of fact, it can prove to be detrimental by burning up that hard- earned muscle, which can actually cause you to struggle with weight loss- no matter how healthy you eat.

Building a fit body is directly related to the amount of muscle you have. This is another reason H.I.I.T. is so great,because it preserves lean muscle mass. In other words the method of training is the better option for achieving your fit body. If you are just starting out add a H.I.I.T. sesh into your week. As you progress, add another day for maximum results. I you need a bit more structure to your fitness routine. Join my Fit& Well community, where I give you weekly workouts with tutorial - so you know exactly what to do. Never miss a workout with due to conflicting schedules - as a member of the fit& Well community- the workouts and resources are always there for you when you are ready. the supportive community provides motivation and accountability to help you along the way.

Try the workout and connect with me on IG and tag me @barucwellness to let me know how you did or share your pics. After this workout enjoy a nice smoothie bowl for recovery and getting your ready for the rest of your day. Try this workout with a sensible meal plan and enjoy . For recipe ideas- grab my Fit&Well Recipe Pack

Enjoy my healthy and delicious recipes with shopping list for FREE, just by clicking on the link , then tell me where to send it. There's also and invitation to join my coaching community where you can share your pic, ask questions, and connect with others. Till next time ...LIVE BEAUTIFUL.



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