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3 Ways to Enjoy the Holidays

This is the time of year when we get to see family and friends that we don't normally get to see as often - due to our busy schedules. Many of us are planning to enjoy holiday meals miles away from home as we travel to spend time with our loved ones; Some are busy checking off those list as you prepare to host this holiday season. While others are simply dreading the holidays altogether. No matter which side you are on- here are a few ways you ,may help you enjoy this holiday season.

Stay on track

This is not the time to start slacking on those workouts because you have too much to do. Self care, starts with you. Wake up earlier and do you - go to the gym, take a few fitness classes while you are out of town or join my tribe. Do whatever it takes to move your body for at least 30 minutes each day. When your workouts are good for the week, you are more confident and better equipped to resist the urge to overindulge.


I don't know about you, but before my feet hit the floor, my mind is already going a "million miles a minute." When I find my mind racing like this - I have to reign in my thoughts and allow my body time to catch up. I do this by spending time with God and praying for direction, visualizing my day, practicing gratitude, then trusting that I am equipped for my day. This doesn't mean that my day always goes as planned, but because of my trust in divine direction- I know it is well. Keeping this practice (even if it a few minutes some days) gives me the confidence to slay each day.

Get your thoughts together and practice letting go of the thoughts that make your chest, tight and your head, ache. Find a way to work through the things you have control of and let the rest go. Find space to forgive, so that you can be free to enjoy the holiday.

Draw your own circle

One of the things I have learned over my many years of coaching is that those closest to us are not always our biggest cheerleaders. This is why I created Fit& Well coaching. Sometimes, in order to get the results you want- you have to "draw your own circle." In order to move forward, you must connect with a circle of like-minded people. This may be co-workers, friends,or a group. It is important that you have someone in your corner to fight for you and cheer you on-when you can't find your own motivation. Everyone talks about the goals, but few discuss how hard the day- to day can be.

Having a circle holds you accountable, helps to keep you inspired, and increases your chances of meeting your goal. In fact, studies show that community can even help weight loss results and maintenance.

How are you planning to spend your holiday? Share your pics with me @barucwellness on Instagram #bthankful


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