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Burn Fat in 3 Easy Moves

Kettlebells add versatility and functionality to just about any workout. They are easy to carry and come in various weights, so they can be used in the gym, at home, or even the park. I like to add kettlebells into my workout when I am short on time because I engage more muscle ( including my core) and can get my cardio in at the same time. As a matter of fact, you can get an effective workout with just one kettlebell. I created a sweet little workout in just 3 easy moves that you can get started with.

Disclaimer: Be sure to consult your physician before participating in this or any new exercise routine.

The Goblet Squat:

Beginner - 3/15 don't lift Kettlebell above your head

Advanced 30 sec work / 30 sec rest

Deadlift with Reverse Lunge:

Beginner - 3/15

Advanced 30 sec work / 30 sec rest

Kettlebell swings:

Beginner - 3/15 don't lift above your head

Advanced 30 sec work / 30 sec rest

Remember to warm-up for at lease 10 minutes before you start these exercises. After you have completed the workout, finish up with some stretching. If you are advanced, you can do 5 rounds or 30 minutes.

If your goal is to tone and firm up you legs, this is a great workout to integrate into your week 1-2 times /week. Include 3-5 days of cardio and a sensible meal plan. If you would like a customize fitness plan. Book and appointment for a strategy session. I can help you create a clear plan that helps you reach your specific fitness/ wellness goals.

Connect with me in the community and share your progress, inspiration or just hang out. I look forward to seeing you there.


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