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Simple,Yet Effective Fat- Burning Hacks

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

First of all let me explain the difference between weight loss and fat loss. As you know , when we jump on that scale in the morning to weight ourselves, we are getting the number that reflects the sum total of our body. Which means, not only can it be food, but also bone, water, muscle , and body fat. This means that although we have this number- we usually don't know our body fat percentage, and that's what get us in trouble in many cases ; we take the number on the scale and sabotage our health to see numbers go down. for example remember the last time you were on a diet and you saw the numbers drop, then you go out to eat and you pick the salmon with veggies and ONLY HAVE A MERE TASTE OF DESSERT.... only to find an increase of 2-3 lbs the next day. So what do we do? We eat very light the next couple of days until we see the number go down again.

Body composition refers to the % of bone, muscle, water and fat. Here's another example, ever looked at yourself in the mirror and thought, "wow" my arms look better today or 'wow,' "my abs look flatter." However, when you jump on the scale , the number hasn't moved at all. I get this often when working with new clients. When we are focused on "weight," we oftentimes compromise quality muscle for the sake of seeing the numbers go down on the scale. This can prevent us from reaching our personal fitness goals.

Why weight doesn't really matter

The best indication of your new fitness plan being a success is how your clothes fit and how well you feel. You should notice subtle changes like better sleep, less foggy, or less cravings before you notice the drastic weight change. As a matter of fact, the drastic weight loss can sometimes be loss of fluid or loss of muscle. This is why it is never healthy to lose more than 2 lbs /week. Losing more than 2 lbs per week is usually not just body fat.

Know Thyself

Diet is crucial, when it comes to healthy weight loss. We lose weight when we nourish our bodies with the proper amount of calories, vitamins and minerals we need each day- the response is a reduction in weight. The word " diet" should be about a lifestyle and should be something you can do long-term, in order to maintain the results you've worked so had for. So let me also say the NOT EVERY BODY IS THE SAME. For example, some people can tolerate more carbs than others, just like some can tolerate more at than others. so it is NOT FAIR TO TELL YOU THAT YOU MUST EAT A CERTAIN WAY in order to achieve your fitness goal. Understand what your body responds best to first, then find a sensible eating plan that incorporates that type of food. I have been living the Ketogenic lifestyle for 7 months now. It works for me because my body needs more healthy fat to feel healthy, and my activity level is also pretty high, so my body uses stored body fat in between meals. This means I am not reaching for a protein bar every 3 hours on those busy training days( I used to have to do this before Keto). Need more healthy recipe ideas? Grab my FREE recipe bundle.

Move Something - to Move Something

After looking at the food, we have to address movement. If you are sedentary and not getting exercise on a regular basis- I highly recommend that you start moving( unless your doctor advises otherwise). When we don't move our bodies, we actually put our bodies at risk of developing preventable diseases. Something like walking 3-5 days a week for 45 minutes can do wonders for someone who has not been active for a while. Walking can help strengthen your heart, as well as you legs and arms. Walking can improve circulation, and give your a greater sense of well-being- just from moving.

Embrace the Resistance

Resistance Training is also critical for effective fat loss. Why you ask...? Okay, here we go. You ever go on the treadmill and walk for 45 minutes an burn 200-300 calories? You feel great, you maybe even broke a sweat. Then you replenish your body with some low calorie meal and go about your day with a low calorie focus in order to achieve our fitness goal.

When we work with weights we rev up our metabolism, by burning more calories even in our sleep... yep that's right. Here's why "muscle" burns and additional 25-50 calories. so if you gained 5 pounds of muscle- you would burn an additional 125 to 250 calories /day ( this is why calories in and calories out doesn't work for everyone. I am not say that calories aren't important- they help us understand about how much energy we need to function each day, but it's not that simple. Participating in weight training session 3-5 times/week helps to improve metabolism issues like blood sugar regulation as well as bone density issues.

In this video I am demonstrating an upper body workout - using minimal equipment. You don't need to join a gym to get fit. You don't even need to do hours or exercise each day to start feeling the benefits. You can do 20- 45 minutes of moderate exercise 3-5 times /week to get fit and well.

Using moderate weight gives you the opportunity to do more reps without compromising your form. This means that I am not going to look bulky but it will give the tighter,more toned appearance. Incorporate this type of training in with cardio and a sensible meal plan for optimum results.


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