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How to Get Fit On a Budget

First of all let me establish what "fit" really is. I know that "fit" is often synonymous with being in shape or working out to get into a desired shape. However, I like to take it a bit deeper than that ; according to Merriam- Webster the word fit means to put into a condition of readiness. Readiness for me, means purpose. Living a healthy lifestyle helps your body stay/ get fit for you to carry out your purpose. Creating a healthy lifestyle doesn't just happen - it takes planning, commitment and expertise to achieve a life that is truly Fit & Well. Today I will be sharing a few tips on how you can get fit at home- no gym membership needed...unless you're like me and the gym is your happy place.

Set aside time for your goal

Obtaining you goal is not possible, if you don't understand what it will take to get there. For example,if you want to transform your body- you will need to incorporate a certain amount of workout days and specific training to reach your goal. In addition to that, you will also need to incorporate proper nutrition to nourish and refuel your body in order to achieve optimum results. This means, If you know you are working 60 hours days until that project is done at work- you may need to get up earlier to focus on those goals. Carve out some time for get those sweat sessions in each week.

Eat Whole

Eat less processed and MORE fresh

As you can see in the pic above I don't have mounds of food on this table, however this will feed myself and my family for the week. I do meal prep about twice /week. So my family and I get fresh wholesome meals on the regular. Oftentimes, our portions are RIDICULOUSLY over sized, leading us to believe we really need this much food to survive. When we eat fresh non-GMO we get to enjoy more energy and feel more satisfied due to the vitamins and minerals from the food we eat. For example 2 cups of salad, 1/2 cup of sweet potato with walnuts, and baked chicken will leave me satisfied and energized for my day until my next meal - without feeling like I need a snack in 30 minutes. Unfortunately, when we eat processed foods that are loaded with preservatives we are eating food that have been stripped of vitamins and minerals and replaced with excessive amounts of salt and fillers. as a result, we feel lethargic, bloated and hungrier.This leaves us feeling the need to eat more calories- more often.

If you love cupcakes and cookies, you can still have them - in moderation. I actually make more wholesome treats for myself that destroys sweet craving and is absolutely decadent. Get my FREE recipe pack for foodie inspiration or your wellness journey.

Invest in a Home Gym

You don't need to invest in huge bulky exercise equipment for your at- home gym. You really only need a few pieces to get you started and you can build along the way. Look for pieces that will provide a variety of moves and workouts -like cardio, strength training, and flexibility. For example, I can use my kettle bell for strength ( building muscle) and my fat- burning H.I.I.T sessions as well as abs. I use my rope for cardio and arms, core and even legs. Resistance bands are also great for your home gym. they don't take up much space and can even fit in your carry- on if you travel a lot. You can take a decorative basket or shelf to store your equipment until your are ready for your next session.

Zen-Out with Your Girls

Instead of going out to eat with your girls on Friday nights- Combine some "girl-time" with a weekend activity. Take a yoga class in your community, go hiking, or if your girls are like "bye Felicia" jump into an online fitness community where you can make connections with like- minded women just like you. This makes your fitness journey more enjoyable and easier to stick to, by providing accountability and inspiration.

Invest in Online Personal Training

Online personal training customized for your busy life

We're all pretty familiar with personal training, but did you know that personal training is shifting into the online space. This is wonderful news for those who lead busy lives, because you are no longer at the mercy of a schedule. This means you can get comprehensive personal training programs available to you when you are ready to workout. With online personal training,you get to check- in to your workouts when it works for YOU not your TRAINER. Working with professional trainers helps to provide fun and structured workouts and the accountability you need to get the results your want.

Change your life and your body by joining my 7-day Fitness Challenge. Just click on the picture below to get started. Link also here

So there you have it... you can definitely get Fit & Well without spending tons of money. This way you can have money left over for the new wardrobe and new hairstyle your going to have after your transformation.


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